Orthodontic treatment corrects a “bad bite” by exerting a gentle pressure over time to straighten teeth. Modern braces are much less noticeable, and some patients can even be treated with practically invisible braces, called Invisalign®.

Girl in blue wire braces outside

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the dental specialty for treating malocclusion, the condition commonly referred to as “bad bite”. Orthodontic treatment works by exerting a gentle pressure over time to straighten teeth. The braces that exert this pressure are fitted by dental specialists called orthodontists.

How do braces work?

Orthodontic treatment works by exerting a gentle pressure over time to straighten teeth. Braces exert this pressure with brackets that attach to teeth and arch wires that run from bracket to bracket. Modern dentistry has made this hardware much smaller and less visible. In some cases, Dr. James Sparaga can use brackets and wires that are transparent or attach behind the teeth. Invisalign® is a newer technology that uses clear appliances that look like mouthguards. Ask Dr. James Sparaga what technology is recommended for your particular circumstances.

Why do some people have a bad bite?

Most malocclusions or “bad bites” are hereditary. These inherited problems include too much space between teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, crowded teeth, as well as various jaw issues. Some malocclusions are acquired through prolonged thumb-sucking, early or late loss of baby teeth, or accidents. However the malocclusion developed, Dr. James Sparaga can recommend orthodontic treatment that corrects it.

Should I get braces?

Dr. James Sparaga knows that braces are a very reliable way to improve the appearance of your smile. This improvement may affect more than just your appearance as it can make you feel more attractive and more confident. He wants you to have a beautiful, healthy smile – one that you can be proud of. Many “bad bite” problems affect not only the teeth, but the development and appearance of the face. Malocclusion can affect the way a person looks, talks, and chews. Discuss your particular circumstances with Dr. James Sparaga.

What age is the best to get braces?

Teeth can be moved by orthodontic treatment at any age, but some treatments are more effective when one is younger. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an evaluation for children no later than age seven. Adult patients can very often get the same results as child patient, but in some instances the treatment will take longer. Dr. James Sparaga can show you options for your particular circumstances.

What is Invisalign®?

One of the latest and most exciting advances for patients with malocclusion (bad bite and/or crooked teeth) is Invisalign ® and the other new clear aligners. Invisalign® is the brand name for a new kind of braces that are removable and practically invisible. It is actually a series of clear aligners that you wear like an athlete wears a mouthpiece. As the treatment progresses, your teeth gradually move to fit the aligner, and then you start wearing the next aligner. Dr. James Sparaga will design the treatment program so that by the time you are finished wearing the last aligner in the series, your teeth will have adjusted to the proper position.

Who is a good candidate for Invisalign®?

Once your permanent teeth are in, usually between the ages of twelve and fourteen, you ar a candidate for Invisalign®. While teens love how invisible their orthodontic treatment can be, Invisalign®is especially popular with adults. Now it is not too late for people to address crooked teeth and bad-bite issues later in life. Before Invisalign®, some adults thought they were “too old” to have metal braces on their mouth. Ask Dr. James Sparaga whether your dental problems can be treated with the Invisalign®technology.


Invisalign® can treat many orthodontic problems

It is clear and practically invisible – nobody has to know you are straightening your teeth

You can remove it out to brush and floss your teeth as normal

You can remove it to eat and drink what you want- just put it back in when you are done

It is very comfortable. There are no wires or brackets and no adjustments