Hi Kathy, I was down this morning for work and I just want to Thank all of your team for the wonderful customer service. I am always anxious when coming but everyone goes the extra mile to make the patient so comfortable. I love the very high tech but very calm and patient centric atmosphere that you guys have built. Thanks again.

Tracey A.
Bangor, ME

Just wanted to thank the good Dr. Sparaga and the excellent office team for the great work they did on me yesterday. I was a little apprehensive about the procedure and outcome but all turned out much better than I could have expected. I also appreciate the insistence to have someone drive me to and from. I was not one of this world prior to having the procedure done and the remainder of the day. I remember none of it although my son filled me in this morning. Although my jaw has a little tingle to it this morning there is no, nada, zip pain. I keep looking in the mirror to admire my new teeth.

Thanks ever so much.
Lewis S.

It is truly amazing what a difference Machias Dental and all the wonderful people there have made in my life. Every visit has been relaxing and comfortable and the results have made a huge difference in my smile. Thank you!

Mary L.
East Machias

My wife and I have been fortunate to have excellent dental care wherever we have lived. We know how important it is in the maintenance of good health, as well appearance, and so we were very concerned when we moved here to find a first rate dental practice.

We need not have worried. Machias Dental has more than met our expectations. Dr. Sparaga and his excellent staff have seen us through routine checkups and cleanings. Most importantly they have been there in two dental emergencies to solve our problems quickly and with a minimum of pain. Dr. Sparaga’s personal followup after these emergencies said everything we needed to know about him as a person and as a caring professional.

Machias Dental has the latest equipment. Most importantly, the practice is run by a top flight dentist and well trained staff who know what they are doing. Both of us are very grateful to have such excellent care.

Bill S.
Addison, ME

Dear Dr. Sparaga,

I wish to thank you for the excellent care given to my wife regarding a dental emergency that she had last week. Her crown had broken off, and she was very conscious of the poor image that her smile gave with the missing tooth in the front.

You and your staff were able to see her the day that she called, and most importantly, you were able to fit her with a tooth that day that has held up well. We laugh about your assessment of her situation in saying (with credit to Forrest Gump) that … dentistry is “like a box of chocolate. You don’t know what you’re getting into until you bite into it.”

You restored her smile, and we are very pleased with the results. What could have been an expensive procedure to many dentist you resolved with your skill. Thank you for being there when we as out of towners really needed you.

Mary and Larry D.
Whiting, ME and Asheville, NC

Dear Dr. Sparaga, Janet, Jessica, and Staff,

Thank you so much for your kind, friendly, and professional service Thursday afternoon. I appreciate your working me into the busy schedule and the quality of the work that you do. I look forward to seeing you again when the need arises.

David H.
Milbridge, ME

Dear Dr. Sparaga , Kathy, & Staff,

I hope that all of you enjoy this small “Thank you” gift. It has been quite a journey, for all of us. But, for every mile and every hour on the road, and a “small fortune” in gas it has sure been worth it! I would do it all again in a “heartbeat”! All of you are so “very, very, caring” as well as “professional” at the same time, a “very rare” combination! I love my “New” smile! My self confidence has “soared”. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart!

Very Sincerely,
Melody L.

“Thank you for the professional and courteous service I received yesterday. I am very happy with my new crown. It fits wonderfully and feels like a natural tooth. If I had to describe my experience at Machias Dental in only two sentences it would be as follows: After watching the TV commercials for Machias Dental I expected to get highly skilled professional service using the latest technology. Not only did I get what I expected, but all the work was done in one appointment, Dr. Sparaga and his assistants were friendly and explained everything very well, and I left knowing that I had made the right decision to have my work done at Machias Dental. Thanks again for the excellent care, and I will visit again.”

Larry D. H.
Skowhegan, ME

My son, Sam, recovered well from the services you provided last week. All of my family members are very pleased with your level of professionalism and compassion. I must also compliment your staff on a job well done. From your reception to the book-keeping…kudos. We look forward to visiting your office again soon.

Brain C.
Baring, ME

Dear Dr. Sparaga-

You and your staff made my first visit to your office an absolute – pleasure – !
I was made to feel welcome and like friend/family – not like I was wasting your time. What a difference and pleasure!
I was stunned to to have you personally call in the evening to check on me. Thank you for the time you spent caring for me!
I’ve enclosed my boarding kennel card for your information.
You can be sure that I’ll let people know just how much I appreciate you and your staff!
Again – Thank you! – Sincerely!

Debbie S.

I put off getting some cavities filled but with the extraordinary, very efficient and so gentle care I received at Machias Dental today, I will never put this off again!! I felt so honored and at ease because I could fully let go of any fear knowing that Dr. James Sparaga and his wonderful assistant Jessica had me completely safe and secure in their care. Thank you so much Dr. Sparaga and Machias Dental and all who work here for such excellent and wonderful care! You are a gem!

Amy R.
Eastport, ME

I was quite apprehensive on my first visit to your dental facility. After meeting with your great staff, I was convinced I had come to the right place. Due to all the new technology I was amazed that the prep and creation of a new crown installed was all in less than a few hours. All other procedures such as (2) teeth extracted, cleaning, etc. were completed to my satisfaction.

Jerry D.