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Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology

Dr. James Sparaga uses advanced dental technology and state-of-the-art equipment to serve you and your family. Every year, Dr. James Sparaga continues his education with additional training on the latest in dentistry to better serve our community. Here are some of the amazing things happening at Dr. James Sparaga’s office right now:
Smile Makeovers with cutting-edge cosmetic technology

It is now possible to choose the smile you want. Modern cosmetic dentistry lets Dr. James Sparaga reshape, resurface or replace any tooth or all the teeth in your mouth. Schedule an appointment with Dr. James Sparaga to discuss the possibilities.
The latest in tooth replacement with advanced implant technology

There are now options to dentures and traditional tooth-replacement technology. Implant systems can give you back the smile and the confidence. Ask Dr. James Sparaga how the latest technology lets you smile, speak and eat your favorite foods without worries, and gives you the smile of your dreams.
Faster and more gentle - Advanced laser dentistry

Lasers are one of the most exciting recent developments in dentistry because they let Dr. James Sparaga get more accomplished and take away the discomfort at the same time. Less visits and more comfort! Find out more at your next visit.
The Latest in Comfort with Sedation Dentistry

If you have been avoiding the dentist because of fear or because you just don’t have the time - the answer is finally here. Modern sedation techniques make dentistry accessible and comfortable for everyone. Call Dr. James Sparaga to find out what type of sedation is right for you, and get that healthy mouth you’ve always wanted.
Today’s Technology for Whitening Your Smile

Nothing can change your smile as much and as quickly as professional whitening at Dr. James Sparaga’s office. Schedule a visit today and find out how advancements in whitening can safely and quickly give your smile a big lift.